Bulletins/Guidance Notes

BVD Bulletins

Bulletin No. 1- Risks of introducing Trojan Animals (last updated 2.11.16)

Bulletin No. 2- BVD Herd Investigations (Last updated 27.07.17)

Bulletin No. 3- Guidance on dealing with PI animals (Last updated 10.09.19)

Bulletin No. 4- The importance of Biosecurity when purchasing cattle (Last updated 01.11.21)

Bulletin No. 5- The role of vaccination in the BVD programme (Last updated 5.5.22)

Bulletin No. 6- GB imports testing advice (Last updated 23.02.2021)

Bulletin No. 7- Timely testing for BVD (Last updated 23.02.2021)

Bulletin No. 8- Biosecurity at Grazing (Last updated 04.06.2021)
Bulletin No. 9- BVD rules for exporting cattle (Last updated 30.01.2023)

BVD Guidance Notes 

Guidance Note on Isolation of high risk BVD animals (Last updated 01.10.2020)

Guidance Note on Cleaning and Disinfection (Last updated 01.10.2020)

Guidance on dealing with BVD Persistently Infected (PI) Animals (Last updated 03.06.2021)

Anti-Microbial Resistance 

Bulletin No. 1- Anti-Microbial Resistance (Last updated 16.10.19)

Bulletin No. 2- What is a CIA? (Critically Important Antibiotic) (Last updated 16.10.19)
Bulletin No. 3- Storage of veterinary medicines (last updated 11.04.2022)

Bulletin No. 4- Selective Dry Cow Therapy (Last updated 14.04.2022)


Johne's Disease

Bulletin No 1- Key Risks at Calving(Last updated 11.04.17)

Bulletin No 2- Testing for Johne's Disease (Last updated 09.05.17)

Bulletin No 3- Colostrum Management (Last updated 26.03.19)

Bulletin No 1- Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis – in NI (Last updated 27.07.17) 
Sheep Scab
Sheep Scab, farmer information meetings get underway (08.07.2022) 
The True Cost of Sheep Scab in Your Flock (28.11.2022)
Keep Sheep Scab Out- Farmers offered free testing and treatment service for sheep scab (04.10.22)
An opportunity to share your opinion for the control of the disease in your sheep flock (07.02.23)
Concern over levels of Sheep Scab detected (28.02.2023)
Dealing with Sheep Scab through Lambing Season (14.03.2023)
Keen Interest in NI Sheep Scab Project at NSA Day (27.07.2023)
Farmers show keen interest in a NI Sheep Scab control programme (27.11.2023)
Press Releases

Negative Letters Cessation- (17.11.2016)
BVD Persistently Infected (PI) animals being monitored-

EU Exceptional Adjustment Aid (EAA) scheme/removal of BVD positive animals-(31.1.17)

BVD Programme Year 1 Review- (24.03.2017)

Beneficial effects of BVD PI Removal Scheme - (31.08.17)

BVD PI Removal Scheme ends- how to deal with BVD Persistently Infected (PI) animals- (28.09.17)


BVD Statuses and Movement Restrictions on APHIS- (08.02.18)

BVD Statuses of directly purchased animals- (01.05.18)

BVD all-island maps-(16.10.18)

BVD-Decreasing Disease Prevalence- (30.11.18)

BVD Low Risk Herd Information- (11.12.18)

Encouraging increase in the disposal of BVD PI's by farmers- (07.01.19)

NI BVD Programme passes two million test mark- (19.02.19)

BVD all Island maps (02.04.19)

Establishing the BVD profile of your herd- (07.10.19)

Ongoing damage caused by retaining BVD Positives- (18.11.19)

BVD Map Show Scheme Progress- (11.12.19)

BVD Positive cattle numbers fall to below 500- (09.01.2020)

Number of BVD Positive retaining herds falls below 200 for first time- (10.03.2020)

BVD Testing During Covid-19- (02.04.2020)

Downward trend in number of living BVD Positive Cattle- (11.05.2020)

Retained BVD PI numbers fall below 200- (02.07.2020)

Higher levels of BVD infection in Fermanagh- (07.07.2020)

Caution urged when dealing with BVD viral infection- (04.08.2020)

Correct timing of BVD vaccination- (16.10.2020)

Isolation of BVD virus Positive cattle is critical- (09.11.2020)

Farmers urged to test cattle of Unknown BVD status- (26.11.2020)

Fewer than 100 herds retaining BVD Positives- (02.12.2020)

BVD Programme Stakeholder Engagement Plan 2021- (15.12.2020)

Statement from AHWNI Chief Executive Dr Sam Strain (last updated 11.03.2020)

Significant progress of BVD Programme during 2020- (13.01.2021)

Evidence of carryover of BVD infection- (18.02.2021)

Half of current BVD herds are retaining BVD Positives- (22.03.2021)

Implications of new EU Animal Health Law for NI BVD Programme- (21.04.2021)

Progress as the number of older cattle with no BVD status reduces- (20.05.2021)

Risk of BVD virus spreading from BVD Positives herds- (22.06.2021)

Latest BVD maps illustrate areas of concern- (06.07.21)
Need for BVD testing in advance of September slaughter ban- (26.08.21)
Significant number of recent BVD outbreaks- (13.09.21)
Current BVD hotspot areas in Armagh (20.10.2021)

BVD requirements for future cattle exports to ROI (15.12.2021)
Additional measures needed as BVD levels continue to rise (25.01.2022)
BVD Programme Stakeholder Engagement Plan 2022 (07.02.2022)
Falling BVD levels and the ongoing need to protect at-risk herds (05.05.2022)
Current BVD area of concern in Co. Armagh (19.05.2022)
Trade implications of EU approval of ROI BVD Programme for NI farmers (25.07.2022)
Need for biocontainment of BVD virus (03.08.2022)
Vets reflect on the toll of putting down multiple BVD Positive calves (28.09.2022)
Tackling endemic disease can be key in combatting climate emissions conference (14.10.2022)
The horrendous cost of BVD infection for farmers (16.11.2022)
BVD Programme Stakeholder Engagement Plan 2023 (10.01.2023)
BVD Positives Numbers at lowest point since start of Scheme (22.02.2023)
County Antrim free from BVD Positives (25.05.23)
Latest all-island BVD map displays progress of BVD eradication programmes across the island of Ireland (09.08.23)
Current BVD hotspot areas in Armagh, Newry and Ennisikillen (27.09.23)
Notifiable disease status welcomed for BVD (30.10.23)
AMR improvements in NI through the control of endemic diseases (13.11.23)
The importance of dealing with abortions in cattle (23.11.23)





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