Bulletin No. 1- Risks of introducing Trojan Animals (last updated 2.11.16)

Bulletin No. 2- BVD Herd Investigations (Last updated 27.07.17)

Bulletin No. 3- Guidance on dealing with PI animals (Last updated 10.09.19)

Bulletin No. 4- The importance of Biosecurity when purchasing cattle (Last updated 25.09.18)

Bulletin No. 5- The role of vaccination in the BVD programme (Last updated 28.11.18)


Bulletin No. 1- Anti-Microbial Resistance (Last updated 16.10.19)

Bulletin No. 2- What is a CIA? (Critically Important Antibiotic) (Last updated 16.10.19)

Statement from AHWNI Chief Executive Dr Sam Strain (last updated 11.03.2020)


Johne's Disease

Bulletin No 1- Key Risks at Calving(Last updated 11.04.17)

Bulletin No 2- Testing for Johne's Disease (Last updated 09.05.17)

Bulletin No 3- Colostrum Management (Last updated 26.03.19)

Bulletin No 1- Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis – in NI (Last updated 27.07.17)
Press Releases

Negative Letters Cessation- (17.11.2016)
BVD Persistently Infected (PI) animals being monitored-

EU Exceptional Adjustment Aid (EAA) scheme/removal of BVD positive animals-(31.1.17)

BVD Programme Year 1 Review- (24.03.2017)

Beneficial effects of BVD PI Removal Scheme - (31.08.17)

BVD PI Removal Scheme ends- how to deal with BVD Persistently Infected (PI) animals- (28.09.17)


BVD Statuses and Movement Restrictions on APHIS- (08.02.18)

BVD Statuses of directly purchased animals- (01.05.18)

BVD all-island maps-(16.10.18)

BVD-Decreasing Disease Prevalence- (30.11.18)

BVD Low Risk Herd Information- (11.12.18)

Encouraging increase in the disposal of BVD PI's by farmers- (07.01.19)

NI BVD Programme passes two million test mark- (19.02.19)

BVD all Island maps (02.04.19)

Establishing the BVD profile of your herd- (07.10.19)

Ongoing damage caused by retaining BVD Positives- (18.11.19)

BVD Map Show Scheme Progress- (11.12.19)

BVD Positive cattle numbers fall to below 500- (09.01.2020)

Number of BVD Positive retaining herds falls below 200 for first time- (10.03.2020)

BVD Testing During Covid-19- (02.04.2020)

Downward trend in number of living BVD Positive Cattle- (11.05.2020)

Retained BVD PI numbers fall below 200- (02.07.2020)

Higher levels of BVD infection in Fermanagh- (07.07.2020)

Caution urged when dealing with BVD viral infection- (04.08.2020)




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