Sheep Health

AHWNI is developing a coordinated project to support the Northern Ireland sheep industry.  The aim of this project is to address endemic sheep diseases through:

·         Engaging with all groups within Northern Ireland with interests in sheep production.

·         Developing a suite of information for farmers on the major disease threats to the local industry.

·         Designing and offering an online platform to facilitate flock health plans.

·         Exploring options on developing coordinated strategies for the control of major sheep diseases.

The Sheep Health work programme aims to reduce the financial, welfare and environmental impacts of endemic sheep diseases and the effects they may have on supply chains.

The vision for this work is:

To facilitate ongoing improvement in managing the health of the Northern Ireland flock that sustains efficient production and ongoing market access.

The purpose of this work is to provide a regionally integrated approach to sheep health conditions and biosecurity for the Northern Ireland sheep industry.

The objectives of this project are:

  1. Improve the implementation of strategies and processes that prevent infection spread within and between flocks.

  2. Provide farmers with access to accurate and clear information on the control and prevention of endemic diseases.

  3. Develop IT tools to assist flock owners on managing and preventing infectious diseases.




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