Designated Laboratories

Only designated laboratories may transfer results to the AHWNI database for use in the Northern Ireland Johne's Disease Control programme.

The Johne's Disease Implementation Group (JDIG) recognises that the provision of accurate, timely and cost-effective laboratory services is a critical component of the Northern Ireland Johne's Disease Control programme.

The accompanying three documents lay down the criteria on which laboratories may apply for designation, the terms and conditions relating to laboratory designation and an application form for laboratories wishing to be considered for designation. Applications for designation may be submitted at any time. However, depending on whether or not a given laboratory has satisfactorily participated in a previous Technical Exercise (TE), it may be necessary to align applications with successful completion of future TEs.

Laboratories wishing to be designated should return the completed application form accompanied by all necessary supporting documentation to:



Laboratory Designation



Box 10, 1st Floor,

Dungannon Business Cube

5 Coalisland Rd,


Co Tyrone

BT71 6JT



Electronic copies of the application form, all necessary supporting documentation and all queries relating to laboratory designation should be submitted to:

Designated Lab Application  

Johne's Disease lab designation application (Last updated 21.07.16)

Lab Designation Criteria 

Johne's Disease lab designation Criteria (Last updated 23.03.16)


Blood and milk tests for Johne’s disease detect the antibody response of the animal to the bacteria that causes Johne’s Disease.  However this response typically does not develop for some years after infection.  Therefore it is probable that a significant proportion of infected animals will not be detected by any of the currently available tests, particularly the first time that a herd is screened.  Also, while most positive test results reflect the true infection status of the animal, it is likely that a small proportion of uninfected animals may give positive test results.  In such instances it is recommended that the animal be further tested using a dung sample to detect the bacteria that causes Johne’s Disease.  It should be noted however that some infected animals will have positive test results using blood or milk and negative test results using dung samples.  In all cases the interpretation of test results should be carried out in conjunction with the AHWNI approved veterinary practitioner who carried out the on-farm risk assessment and (if different) with your own vet.

All designated laboratories are independently accredited for Johne’s testing and the test method used (ELISA). Results relate only to the sample as received by the laboratory and, whilst laboratories warrant that their tests will meet their applicable declared specifications, the laboratories make no other warranty, expressed or implied and accept no responsibility or liability in respect of false results which are within the limits of the declared specifications of the tests offered. No representation or warranty is given by AHWNI, ICBF, the Technical Working Group, the Implementation Group or any member, employee or other person connected with any of the foregoing bodies as to the accuracy of any Johne’s test method or test result.  Neither AHWNI, ICBF, the Technical Working Group, the Implementation Group nor any member, employee or other person connected with any of the foregoing bodies shall have any liability or responsibility in respect of any laboratory or the accuracy of any test methods, test results or reports produced by any laboratory.



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