The BVD eradication programme- programme database 19/06/2013 Participating farmers now have access to the BVD data recorded for their herd.

 One of the key challenges of delivering the BVD eradication programme is the managing of the data generated from farms, testing laboratories and tag suppliers. To do this effectively, AHWNI have established a database which has been developed by the Agri-food and Biosciences Institute.

Participating farmers now have access to the data recorded for their herd.  The database can be accessed through the “Log In to AHWNI” box at Log in details are the same as those for your government gateway account used to access APHIS Online via DARD Online Services. New users are directed to a link to register for a Government Gateway account.

Data presented for each animal in the herd include date of birth, sex, breed, registered dam and its BVD status. This information can be searched, printed and downloaded. Another function enables you to generate a declaration of negative results for selected animals in your herd for which a negative result is held. This provides independent confirmation of the test status of these animals as recorded on the database and is designed to encourage trade in test negative animals.

A full record of all database communications, including all SMS messages and letters issued by the database is also available. Currently 86% of programme herds (just over 1,100) have opted to share their testing results with a veterinary practice, while 85% have provided a mobile telephone number to which results are sent. The database also allows you to update details for both of these.

Bear in mind that results can be recorded on the database (and reported to you) only after they have been registered on APHIS. To avoid any delays in reporting results, please ensure that calves are registered at the time of tagging if not before. The programme also requires stillborn and dead calves to be tested, and it is important to remember to register these too. Details on how to do this are available from the AHWNI website. Please also ensure that your herd number is recorded on all sample submissions to avoid any delays in reporting results.

If you have any queries please contact AHWNI on 028 8778 9126 or