The BVD eradication programme- reporting of results 20/05/2013

All BVD tag test results for programme herds generated by designated laboratories are transferred electronically each day to the AHWNI database where they are associated with your herd and the tag order details provided previously by the designated tag supplier. Over 85% of herd owners who have ordered tissue tags for the programme have provided a mobile telephone number, and each of these routinely receives the results as an SMS message to their mobile phone the next day.

For any given sample there are three possible test results reported- negative (currently 98.1% of calves), positive (0.56%) and inconclusive (0.01%). A small number of samples (1.26%) are also found not to contain tissue samples or to be unsuitable for testing and are reported as empty. For all positive, inconclusive or empty samples the database also issues a letter to the herdowner providing further information on the animals, the registered dam, the meaning of the result and the next steps to be taken. The letters also contain a submission form for submission of additional calf or dam samples. Examples of these letters are available at  Where a mobile number has not been provided, negative results are reported by letter (contact AHWNI to provide a mobile number to obtain results more rapidly).

The database can only issue results when the calf has been registered, so it is important that this is done promptly. This also applies to calves that are stillborn or die before 20 days of age, which should be tested, in accordance with the programme guidelines. See for guidance on the registration process for dead and still born calves.  In all cases take care to ensure that the dates are correct so that the test date does not precede the birth date.  

To avoid delays in testing and reporting samples also ensure that samples are correctly packaged, that your herd number is written on the envelope and that the correct postage has been paid (minimum of 69p).

For further information, including guidance on registration of stillborn and dead calves, see or contact 028 8778 9126 (AHWNI) or your own veterinary practice.

Picture below: An example of a text message containing BVD test results