BVD Programme update 01/06/2016

 MC1 Forms

It has been brought to AHWNI's attention, only very recently, that some herdowners are forwarding MC1 forms to BVD testing laboratories along with ear notch samples.  MC1 forms are used to notify DAERA of the births and deaths of animals in accordance with Cattle Identification (Notification of Births, Deaths and Movements) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1999 and must only be sent to DAERA offices.  MC1 forms must not be sent to BVD testing labs.



Completed MC1 forms should be submitted to the herd owner’s local DARD Direct Office, as has always been the case, or can be completed online using the Rural Portal at risk facing penalties with regard to late notification of a birth if they do not follow the recommended procedure.  Designated testing laboratories and AHWNI cannot accept any responsibility for lost or delayed MC1 forms.