Show guidance BVD 2019 31/05/2019

BVD Show Guidance                                                           

The NI BVD Programme is aiming to eradicate the BVD virus, which can be transmitted directly or indirectly (ie on clothing or equipment) between infected animals.  Proper advice and biosecurity measures at Agricultural Shows can reduce the risk of transmission on Show premises.  Prevalence of the virus in NI herds is falling, however BVD Persistently Infected animals are a risk to cattle with which they may come into contact.  For more information click here.  

Proof of BVD Negative status

Farmers can access the AHWNI database (, using their government gateway ID and password, for BVD test results and to print certificates of BVD negative test results.  BVD statuses are also available on APHIS online and on APHIS herd lists.