BVD Statuses of ROI cattle 26/04/2018

 BVD statuses of cattle imported from the ROI

     Imported animals born since 01/03/16 are given BVDU status if they have not been tested in NI. This status will prevent their movement to markets, other farms, to shows or to export.


     Herd owners who have purchased cattle from the ROI can send an e-mail to, listing the individual numbers of the imported cattle, for consideration of the BVD status that these cattle will have obtained in the ROI.  Where a laboratory designated under the NI programme has been used in the ROI, AHWNI may be able to obtain BVD Negative statuses from the ROI for certain animals. 


     Adequate notice must be given before animals are intended to be moved or exported if BVD statuses are to be requested from the ROI.  Herd owners must allow at least three full working days for delivery of statuses on to APHIS by AHWNI.  


     The herd keeper may obtain a management tag for any ROI cattle in their possession once they are listed in their herd on APHIS and submit a sample for BVD testing.  This will be necessary for any cattle that were not tested in DAERA-approved laboratories in the ROI.  Herd keepers should check the BVD status of their animals before they are moved.  Herd owners can contact the AHWNI helpdesk on 028 7963 9333 for further information.