Register calves promptly 24/04/2018

Register calves promptly for BVD statuses to be assigned

Herd owners are reminded that calves must be registered on APHIS before BVD test results and a corresponding BVD status can be assigned.

Any calves intended for export or sale should be registered with DAERA promptly and at least 48 hours before the anticipated move so that, where BVD results are negative, a BVD Negative status can be sent to APHIS.  BVD status information is transferred from the AHWNI database to APHIS each night and this daily upload of BVD statuses to APHIS will only be successful if the birth of the calf has already been registered on APHIS.


Herd owners can check the BVD status of animals on their APHIS herd list or on APHIS on-line to ensure that movements of the relevant animals will be permitted.  If a calf is not listed on APHIS, contact your DAERA Direct office to check on the animal’s registration.  If the calf is listed, however there is no BVD status visible against it, allow until the following day for a BVD status upload to take place.  At this point if you still have queries, please contact AHWNI on 028 7963 9333.

Where BVD positive or inconclusive results are returned, animals should be isolated immediately and then retested or culled at the earliest opportunity, as persistently infected cattle are the main source of infection for other cattle in your herd and your neighbours’ herds.