PIs to be banned from abattoirs 13/03/2018

PIs to be banned from abattoirs from 1st May 2018

An agreement has been reached between the UFU and the Northern Ireland Meat Exporters' Association (NIMEA) to ban cattle Persistently Infected (PI) with BVD, born after 1st March 2016, from slaughter plants. The ban, which comes into effect at NIMEA abattoirs from 1st May 2018, has full support from other industry organisations and is regarded as a significant step towards eradicating BVD in Northern Ireland.

Veterinary advice is to cull PI cattle at the earliest opportunity, as they represent a significant disease risk to the natal herd as well as neighbouring herds.  PI cattle are currently restricted from moving off farm, so removal of the option to slaughter these cattle (animals born on or after 1st March 2016 with a BVDP status on APHIS) from 1st May should encourage farmers to deal with existing PIs now and to deal with emerging PIs promptly.

Until 30 April 2018, meat plants will accept PIs that are over 12 months of age on the day of slaughter.  PIs under 12 months of age should be humanely destroyed and if they are disposed of at Linergy or Foyle Proteins, one third will be taken off the disposal charge up to 1st May.