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Programme Documents and Information

AHWNI documents:

The Bovine Viral Diarrhoea Eradication Scheme Order (NI) 2016 

Farmers: Information Leaflet (short) (Last updated 20.01.16)

Farmers: Information leaflet (Detailed) (Last updated 20.01.16)

Programme Poster (Last updated 20.01.16)

Nomination form to share results with your vet (Last updated 02.06.16)

BVD Programme Update (last updated 17.5.16)

BVD Programme- Year 1 Review (Last updated 21.03.17)

BVD Programme- Key Messages 2017 (Last updated 19.10.17)

BVD PI Removal Incentivisation Scheme (NB: This scheme closed on 30th Sept 2017)

BVD PI Removal Incentivisation Scheme- Claim form (Last updated 06.06.17)

BVD PI Removal Incentivisation Scheme- Guidance Notes (Last updated 06.06.17)

BVD PI Removal Incentivisation Scheme- Checklist (Last updated 06.06.17)

BVD Statuses and APHIS movements- (Visible on APHIS 12.02.18)

BVD status information leaflet (Last updated 01.02.18)

BVD Status information poster (last updated 01.02.18)

BVD APHIS Movement Permissions (Last updated 01.02.18)

BVD Statuses on APHIS FAQ's (Last updated 03.05.18)

AHWNI presentations (information evenings 2016)

Introduction to AHWNI (Last updated 07.03.16)

BVD The Disease (Last updated 07.03.16)

BVD- The Programme (Last updated 14.03.17)


List of Designated Laboratories(Last updated 16.03.18)

Laboratory Designation- Cover Letter (last Updated 15.12.16)

Application for Laboratory Designation (last Updated 15.12.16)

Approval Criteria for laboratories (Last updated 01.11.17)

Guidance on tagging abortions, stillbirths and dead calves (Last updated 07.03.13)

Tags & Tagging

List of Designated tag suppliers(Last updated 18.07.16)

Tag Supplier Designation Cover Letter (Last updated 15.12.16)

Application for Tag Supplier Designation (Last updated 15.12.16)


 BVD FAQ's (Full Doc) (Last updated 26.04.18)

BVD- The Disease (Last updated 26.07.16)

Voluntary Programme- (Last updated 26.07.16)

Programme Details- (Last updated 02.03.17)

Tags and Tagging- (Last updated 19.04.18)

Testing-(Last updated 19.04.18)

Retesting- (Last updated 26.07.16)

Results- (Last updated 26.04.18)


DARD biosecurity code

Herd testing strategies

Testing strategies for dairy and suckler herds (Last updated 10.06.13)


PVP Blank Blood submission form (last updated 15.02.17)

Nomination Form to share results with vet (last updated 22.02.17)


AHWNI Privacy Statement (last updated 25.05.18)


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