Northern Ireland BVD Eradication Programme


The compulsory phase of a Northern Ireland BVD eradication programme began on 1st March 2016. The programme is based on testing ear punch samples collected using tissue sample-enabled official identity or management tags for BVD virus.

Participating farmers now have access to the data recorded for their herd.  The database can be accessed through the “Log In to AHWNI” box above. Log in details are the same as those for your government gateway account used to access APHIS Online via DARD Online Services.

How do I join the programme?

You join simply by ordering tissue sample tags from a designated tag supplier who has been designated by the BVD Implementation Group for this purpose. As part of the tag order process (see below) you will be required to grant a number of permissions in relation to your herd data and results and undertake to comply with the programme guidelines.

What is BVD?

BVD is a viral disease of cattle caused by BVD virus. Infection can result in a wide range of clinical signs including:

  • Reproductive problems, including failure to conceive, abortion and birth defects

  • Calves that survive infection during early pregnancy are born persistently infected (PI) with the virus.

  • PI cattle may develop a fatal condition called mucosal disease

  • Most PI cattle die before 2 years of age- either from mucosal disease or other illnesses

  • Weakening of the immune system, leaving cattle more susceptible to other infections, particularly scours and pneumonia in calves.



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